The Romans first occupied this unique site, and long after the Knight Templar erected a priory there, of which a few remains can still be seen. During the French Revolution, the Château de Cabriac was sold as “clergy property” to the Berlioz family, owner ofa part of the Lagrasse Abbey. The last descendant of the family : the Marquise of Puivert, gave it to the de Cibeins family related to the Berlioz.

Jean de Cibeins ensure carefully to viticulture and winemaking. His wife, Michele is responsible for the sale and export of our products
The soil of the Cabriac estate is formed of clay and limestone on shallow sandstone and marl, warming up quickly. On the Nothern edge of Alaric, it is protected from the Mediterranean heat waves, enabling thus a slow and progressive ripening of the grapes. 

Besides, the diversity of exposure allows the Mediterranean grape varieties, such as Mourvèdre and Syrah, to develop their aromatic qualities to their full potential. 

The wines of Château de Cabriac owe their quality to the hu-man and material ressources that are employed to turn this fruit of the heart into a wine which can fully satisfy the spirit as well as the senses.
The estate extend over more than 70 ha, 25 ha in Corbières and 45 ha in Vin de Pays d’OC. Since the early seventies, the De Cibeins family has been among the pioneers who introduced Mediterranean grape varieties : Syrah and Mourvèdre for the A.O.C. which allows us to create blending wines extremely diversified and complex.

A part of the domain is also producing single grape wines Pays d’OC such as Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Pinot noir and Syrah for red wines. Besides, the white wines were enlarged by the plan-ting of Vermentino, Roussanne, and Viognier grapes.
Some red wines are put in casks rather early before malo-lactic fermentation. These wines are to be part of blends for selected prestige wine. For white wines, the stirring of the lees in barrels is applied. 

The wines are blended according to taste : 
      - Confidences : Excellent wine 
      - Le Prieuré Saint Martin : Power and intensity 
      - La cuvée Marquise de Puivert : Well structured wine for ageing
                                                     with soft and complex tannins

The barrel cellar is insulated and air conditioned, tempe-rature and hygrometry are controlled. 
When the wines are judged suitable for botling, the opera-tion is performed in the place where they have benn made, thus deserving the label « bottled on the estate ».